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A lot of people say, "My first love is gadgets, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, etc". But my first love is clothes and shoes. Some people call it a fetish but I call it my first love. If given a chance, I would shop 366 pairs of clothes and shoes. But of course, that will be a dream come true or let's say that's just a dream.

Until 2014, I was never into brands. Surviving on your parent money kind of stops you from shopping pricey stuff. During those days, FOREVER 21 was something very much in demand and something which had just entered the Indian market. For me, it was one high-end fashion brand which I always dreamed to shop from. Finally, I got this opportunity to shop from the store in Mumbai. But OMG, one Denim short cost me for about Rs, 2500 = USD 32 (using the rate during that year). Today, when I go to FOREVER 21, I don't see shorts and casual stuff of USD 32 and even if I see then it would be some nice dress or classy romper. 21 is freaking costly in India even today for casual wear too.

Coming back to my first love, so FOREVER 21 is actually my first love. Your closed one are your to go people similarly 21 is my to go the store and believe me a lot of time you could find heavenly stuff. Earlier it was a high-end fashion brand for me, now my casual and home wear clothes are from 21. During a recent visit, I got this floral/aztec jumpsuit for USD 12 (shocked eyes?).

It is super comfortable and makes me feel light. I hope you like it.

Happy Shopping

Outfit Details:-

Jumpsuit- Forever 21


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