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Traveling solo was something I aspired to do from past 2 years but never got the perfect opportunity until last week.

Thanking my stars, I got an amazing airline voucher which made me decide to go to Phoenix. In this 5 day trip, I would like to share not only about the places I visited but also how much self-exploration one can do on such trips.

Starting with Phoenix, I was pretty much taken aback with the heat on the first day of my arrival. All I did was cribbing about the heat & roaming around Tempe & Phoenix. Yea, I flew from Chicago, so imagine the sufferance I went through!! Because I like to walk, I chose not to uber much(I regretted the decision after the tan I got).

I began with Arizona Science Center and OMG it is one of the best science centre I have seen till date. It's a three floor of fun activities and I believe, one needs a whole day to actually enjoy and stimulate your mind. Science centre was followed by lunch in downtown Phoenix and let me tell you about downtown. I felt I was in Florida. You decide, after seeing this picture....

SELF-EXPLORATION 1. I have never eaten alone in a public place/restaurants. It is one of the weirdest experience combines with lonely feeling. I had this empty feeling during the whole trip. Though they say that one should embrace each moment in one's life, eating alone is something I despise of and wouldn't want to embrace in any form.

Going further, I had a tour booked to Lower Antelope and Horseshoe bend from Flagstaff, AZ. Let's see what I did in Sedona, AZ. Sedona is a hikers paradise. Though I couldn't do much justice here, I definitely made it to Bell Rock. See the beauty of Sedona, below....

After spending one wonderful night in Flagstaff, next day I head to Lower Antelope, Horseshoe Bend, and Meteor Crater. About 2 hours away from Flagstaff, you might want to stop at every possible spot to click and get clicked. Having booked a private tour I got the freedom to decide where to take halts and that's how I took some bazillion pictures. Have a look below.....

SELF-EXPLORATION 2. I am a strong believer of doing things together and therefore have always taken group tours whenever I have traveled but a lesson has been learned. Always go ahead with private tours because they are more fruitful, less time-consuming and gives you immense power,tihihihi!!!!

Lower Antelope gave me inner peace whereas Horseshoe Bend gave me an adrenaline rush with a sense of freedom. The tour of Lower Antelope was an enriching experience and personally, I loved it more than the Grand Canyon helicopter tour which I did it last year. I am sure you will understand the reason once you do both!!! Horseshoe bend, if described in one word, then it would be SERENDIPITY. See it for yourself, below...

Moving forward, the trip ends with visiting Meteor crater in Winslow, AZ. The crater being 2.4 miles in circumference and 550 feet deep is a must visit as the place gives abundant information and abounds on how solar system affects the earth system. See the crater, below (apologies for the weird picture quality)....

END NOTE & SELF EXPLORATION 3. While almost every human on this planet would love to travel alone, I definitely would not want to go on a solo trip again. I will always cherish the one I went to but I am not a person who would like to travel alone. I will always want at least one person with me. There is no fun in doing anything alone, right?!


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