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Hello Summer and season of sweat.....

So while I will be working and reading files, I will think about going shopping on my way home. Such thoughts come to me twice/thrice a week but I am not a millionaire so my shopping spree has reduced to a great extent. A year back I used to shop almost every other day, no kidding. Perks of new job and newly earned money, I guess. Today, I shop once or twice a month. What a progress, right? Proud of myself, haha.

Fact about me:- I am a super quick shopper? I can be out of the mall in 30 mins. Yes, it’s an art. :p

With passing years, my go to stores have changed from Forever 21 to Express. I think Forever 21 only has beach collection all year round or maybe I have grown too old, lol. But then God deported me to EXPRESS. No matter what occasion, EXPRESS is my store. Yes, it is pricey but I love the store. They have such good collection of clothes, shoes and even jewelry. Imagine, my birthday outfit, Christmas party outfit, and my summer outfits are all from Express. I have gone to the extent of making the store helper my friend so that I can get employee discount, tihihihi. Ok, ok I don’t get the discount so often but hey something is better than nothing, right? :p

Recently, when this thought of shopping came to my mind, I made an express visit to EXPRESS and got this beautiful off the shoulder top ($49.90), halter dress ($79.90) and a rhinestone choker ($29.90). Now, I ain’t a choker person but this one stole my heart. I have linked everything below.

Outfit Details:-

Off the Shoulder- EXPRESS


Choker- the one I am wearing is sold out

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment box.


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