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As much as I love wearing dresses and crop tops, I equally miss wearing my kurtas, sarees and dressing up in the Indian traditional attire, especially since my time in the States. I literally look out for reasons to dress ethnic. Because it is difficult to find such reasons, I decided to go fusion. What better way than wearing your current favorite dress and teaming the same with Indian look. The moment I ordered this embroidered dress from SheIn, I had decided to go for Indo Fusion.

A lot of you might be thinking about the red dot between my eyebrows. It is called “Bindi”. Bindi actually signifies Indian tradition. There are different colors worn by Indian women for different occasions. Traditionally, Bindi was worn by married women in India but today it has become more as a style statement. EX.: An American girl is wearing Bindi at Coachella. Though such usage of Bindi has raised enough controversies on cultural misappropriation but according to me, it is just blending of styles. Bindi enhances one’s beauty.

I styled this bell sleeves dress with my favorite jhumkas from India and Kolhapuris from India as well. I am going to link below where you can find an equivalent of my earrings and shoes. Have a look at my outfit below

Outfit Details:-


Let me know what you think about this look below in the comment box.


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