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I often dress up as if I am going to take over the world, haha! Such days are rare but they do exist in my life. I believe in "Dress for Less" and therefore today's look is below $60. The idea behind this post is to let you all know that not always you need a pricey outfit to dazzle a look.

Recently, I wore this outfit for a business meet and it is a mix- match of various brands. The skirt is from H&M, blazer from Forever 21 & shoes from Charlotte Russe. Apologies for not being able to share the outfit details as all the products were bought a year ago, lol! I literally never got a chance to wear this super cute skirt but it also means that I fit into the same skirt a year after. That's a good progress towards weight control, wink wink!

I believe this look is an ultimate confidence booster. The blazer and the heels give a soft touch of feminine look as well. Adding a pearl necklace satisfies the entire outfit.

Let me know what you think about this outfit and share your"Dress for Less" moments below in the comment box.


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